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Aqua Fresh is a leading brand in Water Treatment, Desalination and Pumping and Filtration technology. Since our inception we have been focused on providing 100% quality products and service. As a result of this we gained ISO 9001:2000 accreditations. aquafreshro System We have been maintaining reverse osmosis water purifies for over 11 years and during this period we have undertaken extensive research and development in all areas of water treatment to produce a technology of world class standard.

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All our units are manufactured under the supervision of our designers; the units are assembled by qualified technicians and electricians before being thoroughly tested. Only then are they shipped out. Our products and components are approved or compatible to norms of Water Quality Association, USA.
Aqua Fresh has built a solid reputation for quality, service and design practicality. Our aim is to make the best quality small capacity Home RO water with latest technology to the end users purifier at affordable prices. We always welcome feedbacks from our customers and work accordingly at every level to provide the best Reverse Osmosis system for their specific applications with best after sale service.
Every RO System is designed to fulfil specific applications and tasks. Always buy an RO Water Purifier as per your specific needs and nature of your raw water.

Sales & After Sales Services

All Water Purification Systems need service & maintenance after a regular interval of time to work properly. To fulfil this task we have created a mobile team which provides you quick & fast service at your doorstep. Over the period of time (since 1996) our company had made a reputation for best after sale service in Industry.
This is a service oriented Industry and we understand it very well. To prevent any suffering company decided to create it's own team of dynamic frontline salespersons and well qualified technicians to provide all kinds of services in their pre defined territories.
In order to provide best after sales services to our customers a database and log book is being maintained by us. This will help us to track performance of our products in various conditions and our reach to consumers become easier. To make this database more accurate company is billing, delivering and installing all systems by trained company technicians from our warehouse.

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